Try our simulators to view the stone wool benefitsFIRESIMULATORNOISESIMULATORCO2SIMULATORPROFITABILITYSIMULATORIt’s amazing how insulating your home can give you much more than just thermal comfort. In fact, choosing the right insulation can improve your living conditions in many other ways.

With ROCKWOOL® insulation you can make your home a quieter place to live; enjoy energy bill savings; and potentially save lives in the event of a fire. You will also be doing something positive for the environment as ROCKWOOL® insulation not only reduces the amount of energy you need for heating or cooling, it can also be recycled.

It’s also good to know that ROCKWOOL® insulation is made of stone, giving it both strength and durability.

Insulation can potentially save lives

See why insulation in building is vital in case of a fire.


Insulate yourself from unwanted noise

See how sound can be managed in your home.


Your decision makes a difference to nature

See how your choice of building materials can affect nature on a global scale.


Year after year, it’s a safe investment

See why insulating your home is a good investment.


Fire Safety

Fire protection is the hallmark of all ROCKOOL® insulation products. It makes a difference when the buildings we all live and work in are constructed from non-combustible materials. ROCKWOOL® insulation doesn’t burn or spread flames in the event of fire, buying valuable extra time for rescue activity.

Acoustic comfort

Is unwanted noise from outside or from the neighbours disturbing your daily life? Noise reduction is not usually front of mind when planning to insulate your home, but it is a great reason to choose ROCKWOOL® insulation. Installing ROCKWOOL® products also helps block out unwanted noise, making your home a quieter place to live.

Sound subdued

Seeing how a wine glass breaks when exposed to high frequency noise shows just how disturbing and destructive sound can be. Noise levels can be managed by using ROCKWOOL® insulation as a sound buffer. In fact blocking out noise is one of the core benefits of ROCKWOOL® products.

CO2 reduction

One of the simplest ways to help protect the environment is to insulate your home. By reducing the amount of energy used for heating or cooling you can limit CO2 emissions and at the same time live comfortably and more economically. ROCKWOOL® insulation is the environmental choice as it is made from stone and can be recycled.

Natural as rock

See how natural items can be transformed. ROCKWOOL® insulation is made of carefully selected mix of stones, a plentiful natural resource. ROCKWOOL® insulation can be also recycled.

Profitable investment

Investing in your home makes more sense now than ever. ROCKWOOL® insulation is a one-off investment that can reduce your monthly heating bills. By having an energy efficient property you might have the possibility of increasing the resale value of your home. For all these financial reasons, ROCKWOOL® insulation is a sound investment.